A leading, online tool developed by WWF and DEG, that can assess, analyse, value and guide appropriate mitigation responses for water risk. Notably, it is the only water risk tool to assess both basin and operational water risk.

The tool uses over 30 annually-updated, peer reviewed data layers along with a site-based questionnaire to score and help prioritize water risk for users. Basin and operational water risk then inform recommended mitigation response actions. Indeed, it is also the only water risk tool that offers over 125 actions to respond to water risks, including adaptation actions for water-related climate impacts, making it a useful for sites anticipating future changes in water resources.

Since data sets are global (and therefore slightly more coarse), the tool also offers higher resolution data for over 12,000,000 km2 – across 8 countries and counting.

Online since 2012, the tool is a trusted source of water risk data used by thousands of users to evaluate hundreds of thousands of sites.

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