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Water is the lifeblood of our global economy, as it is essential to all businesses – to irrigate, cool, clean or as an ingredient. With worsening water security worldwide, companies and investors are increasingly concerned to discover hidden water risks in their operations, supply chains and investments.

The multiple resources and unique features in the explore section will help users develop a better understanding of the different types of water risks and how to address them through a stewardship approach.

With 32 basin risk indicators and more than 12 high resolution country data sets, the Maps tab offers an array of risk map layers and at different scales from global to local. Moreover, users can select different additional layers in order to facilitate a more accurate evaluation and enable to understand potential links between water risks and other factors, such as protected areas, human footprint, etc.

In the Country profile tab, users can explore over 120 country profiles containing detailed information on national water governance, policies and water resources. Exhaustive research was undertaken to build these country profiles in the aim to provide a clearer picture of the local realities in different countries.

WWF has a long history of working collaboratively with multiple stakeholders (i.e. communities, businesses and government) to improve water management and address shared water challenges in key river basins. From the Amazon to the Zambezi, the WWF Basin provides deeper insight into on-the ground collective action projects led by WWF. Moreover, the latest key reports and publications on corporate water risks and stewardship are listed in the Risk Reports tab, which is updated on a regular basis.

In the Data & Methods tab, information is available on the underlying data sources and the overall methodology used for the Water Risk Filter’s assess, value and respond sections.

Explore and join the journey towards water stewardship!