The Water Risk Filter produces four types of automatically generated reports in PDF format covering all relevant items of the risk assessment. Theser reports are directly generated from the 'Water Risk Assessment' and Portfolio results section

  • The ‘Portfolio results’ report contains high level risk results of all assessed facilities of your company or client, and provides insights on the exposure to water risks on a portfolio level. Risk scores are represented in a risk matrix and in a list. Select 'Portfolio results' -> Select and filter relevant facilities/commodities to include -> Download -> PDF

  • The ‘Water Risk Assessment’ reprot contains all the information of that specific facility’s risk assessment. The heat map and all underlying individual risk indicators are presented in the report. Select 'Water Risk Assessment' -> Select relevant facility on the left -> Download -> PDF

  • The ‘Visualisation’ report contains specific information of the portfolio or selected/filtered facility’s risk assessments. A selected data visualisation type is presented in the report. The whole or selected risk assessment information is being presented. Select 'Analysis' -> Select and filter relevant facility on the left -> Download -> PDF

  • We have worked together with the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) to ensure you have a head start in filling in the next CDP questionnaire. We provide all the information that is available for your company on a portfolio level in the same structure as the CDP Water Initiative questionnaire. . This report is provided in the Excel results download (Download => Excel (including CDP 2016), so answers can be copy-pasted into the CDP questionnaire, providing you the opportunity to amend your answers.