A leading, online tool developed by WWF and the German Development Finance Institution DEG, the upgraded Water Risk Filter 5.0 empowers users to explore, assess, value and respond to water risks.

The Explore and Assess sections are now live and the Value and Respond sections will be going live soon - so stay tuned!

The Water Risk Filter uses 32 annually-updated, peer reviewed data layers along with a site-based operational risk questionnaire to enable users to understand and prioritize water risks and specific sites. Designed to be easy to use by non-water experts, this is the only water risk tool to assess both basin and operational risks. Drawing on site-specific water risk data, including over 10M km2 of high resolution data, the tool can also guide users towards contextually appropriate mitigation response actions. 

Once the Respond section is live, the Water Risk Filter will dynamically link your basin and operational risk assessment results to provide a customized set of recommended mitigation response actions. Moving beyond water risk assessment to response, this unique tool offers over 130 actions to respond to water risks, linking each action with an array of water stewardship frameworks (i.e., CEO Water Mandate Water Stewardship Toolkit, Alliance for Water Stewardship, CDP Water Security, Ceres Aqua Gauge, SDGs).

Already a trusted online tool for corporate water risk assessment, the upgraded Water Risk Filter will guide users along their water stewardship journey from assessment to response to water risks.